How to create a facebook group

How to create a facebook group

How to create a new facebook group 

In my last, I explained the topic "How to create a facebook page"

The trending title for today is "How to create a facebook group "

Creating a facebook group is not so hard,creating a facebook group takes a lot of thinking.

In order to create a facebook group you need to have the following in mind:

-A reasonable group name

-A well designed photo showing what the group is all about.

-Make sure the group name is not used by another person(Because it might cause your group not to get crowded easily)

-A good group description

When you have decided that you are ready to create a group, we need to get started.

Here are the steps to take during the group creation 

First step:Login to your Facebook account or register a facebook account

Second step:Click on "profile" at the top of the facebook then click "info” from your profile scroll to the bottom to the rights of of the groups section,click "see all"

Third step:Click "create a group" at the top of that page. Then give your group name.

“As I said in the beginning the group name must be unique and reasonable.Because if the group name is not well formed, your group won't be seen by people.

Fourth step: Invite your friends by selecting their name or by typing their names into the box provided.Then add description according the purpose of the group,so that your group might show up during searches.

Fifth step:Fill out your contact information,you should enter things like street address and telephone number in the description or you can just set up a facebook email for your group.
Sixth step:Choose your privacy settings you need to modify your group privacy settings to your taste,you have three group privacy settings option:

Closed:A closed group only allow only invited members to see the group post or join, but anyone on facebook will be able to search and see the group.

Public:A public group allow everyone on facebook to join or see the post the group.Everyone can search for the group on facebook.

Secret:A secret/private group means only invited members will be able to see the group and all its posts.

You should also choose the membership approval and posting permission options whether to allow member post or for you to approve their post.

Seventh step:Click save, this will save and create your group,all you need is to upload a photo choose a location of the area you want the group to be available for also add tags to your group to make people search and see your group on top of their searches.

With all these methods/steps you would be able to create a group.

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