How to Improve your Android Phone Battery

How to Improve your Android Phone Battery

Nowadays Smartphone is man’s best friend, we can all say no but it’s the hard truth.

No one goes around without his phone; all information is mostly stored on our phone and can be accessed from it.

Phone manufacturers around the world are always trying to improve each phone battery life like never before.

 Despite the fact they are trying yet we still find it difficult to use a phone with long battery life.

Although they seem promising it is not enough we all want to stay on every time with our phones.

Trying to get a device that will keep you entertained all day is the first thing on everyone’s mind.

Using social media, playing games, watching videos, reading emails, surfing the internet, and others.

We’ve seen phone charging speed improved over time, yet phone battery hasn’t seen much of upgrade itself.

However, we decide how we can minimize the use of some features and thereby saving our phone battery life.

I will be giving you tips on how to boost your phone battery’s life with easy steps. These tips will help extend your phone battery life greatly.

1. Find out what is consuming battery

It is highly recommended that you find out all features that are consuming much of your phone battery first before you plan to solve it. You can’t solve what you don’t know.

The right way to do that is by paying a visit to the phone Settings then you go to Battery, that’s the right place to get a detailed report on apps and features that are consuming much of the battery.

Find out which apps are consuming battery in the foreground or background. If there is a particular app that is draining a large part of the power you will get alerted.

There you can navigate to the Battery Usage section to see the reports of how the battery power has been used for the past hours.

It will show you a graph of how the battery has depleted and risen in the past hours and how long you can use the current battery power using the past usage pattern.

You get one useful battery-saving feature directly there, using the standby intelligent power saving, this helps save battery longevity and improve use time.


2. Reduce screen brightness

This is a good way to save your phone battery and help your eyes too, saving two things at a time.

High screen brightness drains phone battery higher than you think, it uses the power to perform well, and also it affects your eyes and can cause serious issues if used for a long time.

By reducing the screen brightness you will save your phone battery life better than before, increasing your phone screen brightness is only helpful when you using your phone in direct sunlight.

On most phones, you can change the screen brightness by swiping down, and also you can enable auto-brightness. Some phone doesn’t offer this feature; you just have to do it the old way.

 You can fix this by navigating to Settings the unto Display -> Brightness level and then you can use the slider by swiping left or right to change the screen brightness status.

You should stop the auto-brightness feature as it is not always working accurately and this might affect your phone performance so it better you take control.

3. Reduce the Sleep timeout

Reducing your phone sleep timeout time is another way to improve phone battery life.

The time interval between the screen wake and screen sleep time out consume power so it better you decrease the sleep timeout.

Most phones provide easy access to change sleep timeout by swiping down, if you can’t find the feature on your phone you can follow the below steps.

You can find the switch by navigating to Settings and then to Display -> Advanced -> Sleep. You can set it to timeout just at 30 seconds so you save battery while you are away.

4. Stop the use of widgets

Using widgets can be helpful but it has its downside, the more you have widgets on your home screen the more the battery power it drains.

Keep those that are important to you and remove those that are less important to increase the chance of improving your phone battery life.

To remove the widgets move one by tapping, holding, and then dragging it to the trash/remove icon that will appear.

5. Turn off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Internet connection

I have seen this has an issue and it is helpful that you turn off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and an Internet connection when not in use.

These are all part of Smartphone’s radios and they drain battery’s life than usual.

Normally you should be able to toggle on and off by swiping down the screen and using the quick navigation.

You can access these settings by navigating to Settings and then unto Network & Internet -> Connection preferences.

With these tips, you will able to save and improve your phone battery, use these steps one by one and you will see a great improvement in battery life.

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